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Office cleaning is something we provide in Perth to many business building owners. An office that is clean and tidy is vital for a productive workplace.

About ISS Cleaning Company


Commercial Office Cleaning Perth: Better Solutions

While cleaning an office isn’t difficult, it isn’t hard. Yet, so many workplaces seem to struggle with ensuring consistent and thorough cleaning every week. You don’t have to worry if this sounds familiar. A good plan and well-supervised, motivated cleaning crew can help you take this simple task under control and allow you to focus on other important tasks.

Safety of health and aesthetics

The appearance of your office is not the only benefit of quality office cleaning in Perth. It also makes it more pleasant for the employees who spend 40+ hours there each week. We apply antibacterial cleaning agents to your desks, keyboards, door handles, kitchen benches, and other high-traffic surfaces with careful attention to detail. We also use quality HEPA-filtered vacuums with transfer-reducing mats to help prevent illness and protect your employees' health.

The right cleaners

Cleaning an office is only as good as the people cleaning it. ISS CLEANING only hires cleaners who have been thoroughly vetted and background checked and trained. They are uniform. We use mobile technology to clock them in and out at client sites, giving us extra assurance about who accesses which location and how long they stay there.

Thorough but frugal

Difference exists between good and excellent cleaning. The key to determining whether a service is good or not is how well they can balance the needs for consistency and quality with the demand for low costs and efficiency. Cleanworks has many years of experience servicing hundreds just like yours, and this delicate challenge requires management and strategic planning.


Give a little more when you're in need

You can rely on us to help you with waste management, managing your consumable stocks, or organizing periodic speciality cleans.



We will take care of all of your office cleaning needs. We offer a range of services, including office/commercial and aged care/retirement cleaning and retail and medical cleaning.

First, we do believe everyone has the right to a healthy environment. This makes us stand out from other office cleaners in Perth. We maintain high standards of cleanliness by using the most up-to-date systems and innovative techniques. All of this is done with love and compassion. We are confident that everyone deserves a clean, healthy and safe environment. That is why we do everything in our power to make sure that our business and their patients, colleagues, students, and staff have the opportunity to create that environment.

Commercial/office cleaning Perth

How to change the way that you think about it.

ISS office Cleaning Perth has a team that is committed to delivering the best in cleaning. A triple-certified certification (Environmental Management and Quality Management and Work Health and Safety) ensures we are a leader in office cleaning Perth.

Our Integrated Management System (IMS) is an innovative system that allows you to be closely connected to all our actions and activities to ensure efficiency, transparency, accountability, and accountability, even if you are not present at the premise.


What makes us different from other Perth cleaning services?

We have a strong commitment to providing outstanding service to all commercial clients we serve, regardless of industry.

We listen to your concerns

We have accumulated years of knowledge in a variety of commercial facilities and premises. This experience, along with honest and open communication, led to our unique three-tiered management model, which is used for every client or business.

We can handle all your commercial cleaning needs

Every business is different, and every client or facility has unique cleaning requirements. ISS CLEANING Perth provides a personalized service that caters to your individual needs.

Make positive changes

ISS CLEANING is the company to call if your office needs cleaning. ISS CLEANING provides office cleaning services all over Perth Metropolitan.