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ISS Cleaning has provided beautiful clean classrooms to schools across Perth since 2008. Trained and certified in infection control cleaning, they will ensure that your School is neat and hygienically cleaned!

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School Cleaning Perth

Qualitative School Cleaning Services To Maintain Presentation. Protect Children. Be kind to parents.

School facility managers are often faced with difficult decisions. It is rare to find a more extensive and diverse organization with intense stakeholder scrutiny and a high-density user base. That’s not even considering the unique challenges that school facility managers face in managing children’s health and managing their highly contamination-prone behaviour.

There are many things to consider, including the school’s numerous structural and groundskeeping issues. It is not surprising that smart facility managers choose trusted partners to help them with their school cleaning needs. However, it can be difficult to identify which providers are worthy.

Proficient Yet Sparse

Cleanliness is not the same as a professional cleaning service. You will have to balance the need for high-quality results and efficiency and low cost. ISS CLEANING extensive experience in managing similar situations in over 40 schools makes this a complex challenge. We can only guarantee what we can do.

Industry-Leading Systems

ISS CLEANING provides clients with the option to have their school's cleanliness independently assessed and certified through the 5-Star Healthy Schools Programme.

The Right People

A cleaning service can only be as good as its people. ISS CLEANING systems allow us to vet and train our cleaners effectively and incentivize them to do the job right the first time.

A Proven Track Record In Schools Of All Sizes

ISS CLEANING has provided services to hundreds of sites throughout its 15-years of existence. Schools are, however, our longest-running, best-known and most beloved clients.


Our Master School Cleaning Solutions

ISS CLEANING believes that all children deserve a healthy, safe, and clean environment, no matter their age. Unclean, polluted school compounds refer to litter and Spick & Span Classrooms Office Room, Halls, Auditorium, and Halls.

It is difficult for school cleaners to clean each corner of every element between these walls. We care more than you about your children’s well-being. We offer advanced cleaning technology and eco-friendly chemicals to make sure your school is sparkling clean.

ISS CLEANING is a premier cleaning company that offers the best customer service and superior cleaning facilities.


Cleaning Classrooms requires extra attention from our school cleaner. We will ensure that all dust particles are removed from the rooms.


Thanks to the imaginative minds of the children, desks can have many different inscriptions. These inscriptions can come from pencils and pens, as well as coloured pencils. We know how to clean desks.


The markings of shoes can also be seen on chairs. All marks will be removed, and chairs will be clean for the next term.


Corridors link different blocks within the school building. They can be used as hanging racks for bags. It is essential to have clean corridors.


We also provide door cleaning services to schools. We will polish all doors: garage doors, classroom doors, and hall doors.


Cleaning floors is when we scrub, wash and polish school floors.


Our Cleaning Services include sterilizing or decontaminating canteens for hygiene and safety.


Principal's Office

With your permission, we’ll also clean the principal’s office.

Additional cleaning experts are available if you need them

ISS CLEANING prides its self as a one-stop shop offering all kinds of commercial cleaning services. However, we don’t use regular cleaners when cleaning a client’s site. We use task-specific cleaners who are efficient, skilled professionals in the service being done and bring a new pair of eyes to your site to help improve its appearance.

ISS CLEANING is the company to call if your school needs cleaning. ISS CLEANING offers commercial services in Perth surrounding area.