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specialist in commercial cleaning services.

ISS Cleaning Company boasts over 15-years of industry experience. They are a tier-1 service provider in Western Australian cleaning.


About ISS Cleaning Company

About ISS Cleaning Company

Structured Cleaning Plans

We will start with a consultation. After that, we will see your business and decide how best to meet your cleaning needs. We will create a checklist and inform the team about the work. We will then get to work quickly and without any disruption. All-Inclusive quote: We will bring all the necessary items with us so that you don't have to replenish your stock. It is all included in the estimate. Our dedicated team will ensure your commercial cleaning job goes smoothly.

The Best Office and Commercial Cleaners in Perth

ISS CLEANING Perth offers professional cleaning services that will make an excellent first impression. We have been a top provider of office cleaning, commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning, and strata cleaning services throughout Perth. Our objective is to create a healthy working environment that increases productivity and the well-being of your employees. We have the experience and coverage to meet your cleaning needs.

What to Expect When You Work with Us

ISS CLEANING Perth offers a personalized approach. We provide a customized, structured cleaning solution that minimizes risk and delivers quality results.


ISS Cleaning Services

We will use our decades of experience, highly skilled employees, advanced procedures, and years of knowledge to ensure you are satisfied.

You can provide a healthy and happy environment for your customers, employees, and guests.

We endorse commercial cleaning services at a time that is the most convenient for yourworkforce. We never intend to interfere when your staff is at work.

Our team can adjust to your business’s needs, and schedule cleans around your work hours. We understand that every office is unique to tailor our Perth office cleaning packages to meet your needs.

ISS Cleaning employs a dedicated team trained in industrial cleaning to ensure we provide the best quality services for our clients. Industrial facilities must maintain a high standard of cleanliness to prevent the accumulation of dirt, grime and grease as well as stains, rust, and other harmful substances.

ISS Cleaning offers office cleaning and commercial cleaning services in all industries, including government, private and local councils. COVID-19 Perth services include disinfection solutions.

A professional Perth medical cleaning company takes pride in what they do and creates a safe, clean and comfortable environment for your clients and staff. Our reputation as a family-owned business is important to us. That’s why we strive to provide a thorough, hygienic, and professional medical cleaning service for all of our customers.

Perth’s Most Experienced and Professional Cleaners

ISS CLEANING Perth prides itself on having the best, most professional, and courteous cleaners in the business. We have decades of experience in commercial cleaning and can clean any business facility to the highest standards. Our staff are licensed, insured, background checked, and trained to comply with the WHS standard. We have invested in the most modern cleaning equipment and processes to clean commercial buildings to their pristine condition.

ISS CLEANING Perth has the best commercial cleaners. We have the experience and knowledge to deliver the highest level of cleanliness for our clients’ workspaces. That’s more important than ever to keep your office or commercial space clean and healthy. We are experts in office cleaning and employ the most qualified commercial cleaners. You can rest assured that your commercial cleaners will do the job right the first time. ISS CLEANING have a wide range of services, including commercial, deep, office, and many more. We take safety precautions and work closely with our clients to create COVID-19-free workplaces using advanced, effective cleaning methods.


Why Choose Us

ISS CLEANING Perth prides itself on being professional and thorough. We conduct quality control checks.

Customer surveys are used to ensure that the job is done right and that the client is happy.

Both small and large companies in Perth can have their offices cleaned. ISS CLEANING has the right package to suit your needs, regardless of what size office you have. ISS CLEANING highly trained staff can clean your office interior and exterior with convenient cleaning schedules.

Our Services, Your Schedule

After meeting your facility, we will create custom cleaning and disinfecting program that meets your needs. We can schedule a cleaning service at the time and frequency that works best for you and your facility.

Save Time And Money

You could save up to 25% on your cleaning costs and have your cleaning done by Contractor. This will ensure a clean, healthy environment.

Professional Experts In Advanced Technology

Our clean-up professionals are highly trained and use proprietary cleaning systems and disinfecting methods that significantly reduce dust and bacteria.

Environments That Are Healthy And Worry-Free

Clean workspaces reduce sick days for employees and protect customers from bacteria and germs.


Everything You Need for Office Cleaning Perth Under One Roof

We can help with all your cleaning needs, including vacuuming, rubbish removal, and bathroom cleaning. We can help with vacuuming, rubbish removal, and toilets and bathrooms.

Carpet Cleaning Floor to Ceiling Cleaning Sanitising & Deodorising Steam Cleaning (carpets & upholstery) Window & Glass Cleaning.

Which office cleaning services are you looking for? Contact us to schedule a FREE Onsite Needs Assessment. We’ll create a clean-up plan that suits your budget and meets all of your requirements.


Your service program will meet the performance criteria that you value. Best- practice management principles for service planning, delivery and evaluation are used to create services. Our proprietary service management system monitors service delivery and provides information that allows for verification. Your Account Management Team will use data points to create actionable service strategies that keep your program on track.


The Building Value. The Cleaning Smartly program will identify efficiencies and make recommendations based upon the actual needs of your facility. The result: A streamlined program that produces results within budget. Our standard operating procedures will help protect your assets and reduce your replacement and renovation costs. They will also reduce waste and use less resources.

Service Partner

We can support your business. Do you want to improve customer satisfaction? You will have a pleasant experience with our service-oriented, trained professionals. We have a sustainable cleaning program that will help you achieve LEED certification or any other environmental certification. Our trained and screened cleaning staff can help you feel secure if you have tenants with high-security needs. We can help you maintain a unique surface that requires maintenance.


Benefits of ISS Cleaning Services

Extraordinary High Quality

Cleaning backed by a 100 per cent guarantee.


With electrostatic disinfection with virus shield.


Products that eliminate carbon footprint, contaminants, and allergens.


With complete insurance coverage and bond cleaning.


Use colour-coded microfibre systems and more.


Thanks to the I-Mop Scrubber, and other state of-the-art machinery.


One point of contact for seamless communication and coordination.


Get amazing cleaning in 3 simple steps

Provide the details

Just provide us the timing you want and we will set our schedule according to your need.

Set your schedule

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Get things done

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All your cleaning needs are covered under one roof: deep cleaning, steaming, upholstery, office furniture cleaning and pressure cleaning. Also, you can get rid of rubbish and other. items at affordable prices that will fit your budget

ISS Cleaning Company is the cleaner that you have been searching for. Don’t delay!

ISS CLEANING is a full-service cleaning company that offers affordable cleaning services and industrial cleaning solutions. This includes workplace cleaning, gym cleaning strata cleaning, corporate cleaning, child care centre cleaning, after builders cleaning, warehouse cleaning, and many more.

Commercial Cleaner’s Perth ( CCS )periodically evaluates:

  • Material Use
  • Performance Benchmarks
  • Reporting on Location Conditions
  • Material Supplier Alternatives
  • Preventive and reactive maintenance initiatives

Commercial Cleaner’s Perth ( CCS )only hires highly-trained, experienced staff. Our cleaners are all police-cleared and receive one-on-one training before they start work.

Commercial Cleaner’s Perth ( CCS ) is dedicated to investing in technology to lower costs and save resources whenever possible. Commercial Cleaner’s Perth ( CCS )uses technology to implement its initiatives:

  • Electronic Job Cards/Forms
  • For job verification, submit electronic GPS location and form-based photo
  • Electronic Invoicing and Payment Dispute Management
  • Clients can access electronic reporting

Commercial Cleaner’s Perth ( CCS )has developed a Quality Management system and employee monitoring system. This ensures that client needs are accurately assessed, and the appropriate resources are allocated for each task. To ensure the customer satisfaction, resource allocations and job progress are continuously monitored and evaluated.

Commercial Cleaner’s Perth ( CCS )conducts a management review to ensure client needs are continuously evaluated. During contract review meetings, appropriate solutions and recommendations are made to clients.

  • Material Use
  • Performance Benchmarks
  • Reporting on Location Conditions
  • Material Supplier Alternatives
  • Preventive and reactive maintenance initiatives









Trusted by thousand of people & companies.

Independent Family Business

We provide reliable, local school cleaning staff that are located close to the cleaning sites.

Replacement And Sickness Cover

We'll take care of your cleaner if they're sick or on holiday. And we'll offer a consistent, uninterrupted service.

No Hidden Fees

All fees are included with the initial price, and there is no additional charge. If you require additional services or materials, there will be an additional charge.

Insured And Vetted Staff

Our cleaners have been thoroughly vetted and are legally allowed to work in the UK. For your peace of mind, we offer comprehensive insurance.


Commercial/office cleaning services that fit within tight budgets can be affordable.

How do you hire us?

Schedule Weekly or Daily Office Cleaning

You can book a cleaner online by filling out our online form. Or, you can email us. One of our friendly customer service department members will contact you immediately to answer any questions. For an immediate response, you can use our live chat feature.
We offer affordable cleaning services for any cleaning job. All of our employees have been trained and are insured. Clean Group supplies all cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies.